I made a trip with my roommate and other guys from the university to Vaasa on last Saturday. In this article i will tell you what we do in this city but until that we will made some history about this town.

So the story of Vaasa begins in the 14th century, when seafarers from the coast region in central Sweden disembarked at the present Old Vaasa and the wasteland owners from Finland proper came to guard their land.

The town grow up thanks to the sea connections which allow the business of Vaasa to flourished in the 17th century.

However, in August 1852 a fire burn all the old town of Vassa, The town haves been rebuild on 1862.

Today Vaasa is the regional capital of Ostrobothnia, the city has a population of 67,000. The City is bilingual the population speak Finnish and Swedish, that make the city an important center for Finland-Swedish culture.

Now let’s speak about our trip in this town :

To begin for going to Vaasa we just have to take a train from Seinajoki to Vaasa we take it at 9h30 and in something like one hour we were in Vaasa then our visit of Vaasa could begin.
First we go to the Market place, which is the center of the city life in Vaasa there you can see the Finlands Statue of Freedom :


Then we just walk to the Trinity church :


After that, we were quiet hungry so we decided to take a break, take some cake with an hot drink cause yes in Finland the weather is a little bit cold (well this year and for the moment is not so cold but walking when it is snowing and with some wind you feel cold as well).


But before that we were strolling on the waterfront or for some of us walking on the sea


To finish our trip we just took a leisurely stroll through the city but you know with the weather it could be difficult to walk into the town some of us fall down because of ice.

It is over for today see you soon.

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