This week it was the holiday in Finland !

With foreign students with whom we hit , we decided to organize ourselves a little trip to Tallinn Capital of Estonia !

First, where is Estonia ? Estonia is one of three countries that the Baltic countries are called with Lithuania and Latvia , these countries are independent only since the fall of the Soviet Union, which explains the very old architecture of the Capita.

( Architecture makes this charm )

This country is very close to Finland ( 2h30 Ferry) and temperature that is much appreciable than in Finland !


In Estonia, the culture is the legacy of the era to which the country was still under Russian domination.

We can see, for example, a beautiful Orthodox Cathedral is the Alexander Nevski Cathedral, built during the reign of Alexander III Tsar of Russia.

Half the residents of Tallinn are Russians, which explains the enormous diversity of the city.




There is the Estonian food, which is special but delicious!


20150227_140340For example, the Estonian specialty, the « Salty pancakes » it is a pancake in the interior with a savory product, eg smoked salmon or so of meat

This food is due to the body and is relatively inexpensive (4€ for a pancake)




20150226_164647This is a superb Estonian Pastry , whose name is impossible to understand.

it is sold in Tallinn tea rooms which are very numerous and mostly relatively beautiful,

with a Russian style.



To finish this first part of our trip to Tallinn, we can say :



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