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From Russia With Love | St.Petersburg Trip !

Today we back to Finland after a visit to Russia , which was … A.M.A.Z.I.N.G ? We were 16 ERASMUS Students of Seinajoki to go to St.Petersburg. French, Spanish, German, Czech and Croatian. Nice People, Nice Trip in Amazing Country, I love Russia and Russian love us ! and now ! Идти (Idti : Go !)


After 15h of Boat and 1h to immigration… Welcome to St.Petersburg the former Russian Impérial Capital ! 20150418_140616DSC_0111

The first picture is Russian limousine and the second is an panorama of St.Petersburg taken from the roof of the St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

Let’s go eat now !

20150418_121904 20150418_123119 20150418_121900

In Russia, the money is the « Rubles »  1€ = 54R, so everyting is so cheap in Russian for us, european people. For example, the food in MacDonalds, Burger King or KFC is 3/4€ less expensive than in France… So, The tipical meal in Russia for foreigners is the Borscht and Russian pancakes.

The Borscht is a kind of soup with meat and vegetables , she’s very widespread since the Second World War.

Now, « Story Time ! » So, St. Petersburg is a city with a strong history inherited from the days when the Tsar reigned over Russia , now all the Tsar had constructed have become the world-famous monuments !

This monument is called  » The Hermitage  » and  » The Winter Palace « , he was the palace of Tsar in St.Petersburg, built in 1754 at the request of the Empress Elisabeth 20150418_144754 @TDK

Statue and architecture representative of the epoch of Tsarism.

Let’s go to the Catherine Palace, the Palace of Tsar

. DSC_0198 DSC_0197 20150419_124741  20150419_131527

The Palace was the favorite residence of the last Russian Tsar , Nicolas II , this is where the Tsarevich, The hemophiliac son of Nicolas II spent most of his time, it is also here that Rasputin has spent most of his time when he worked for the Empress.

Now look up the atmosphere in St.Petersburg : го́пник ? What is that ? Gopnik ! The Gopnik Party are kind of improvised evening passing in the street has St.Petersburg is very friendly and very popular with young people in Russia (and us, the foreign students! :D) I will show in the second video, an example of Gopnik at 3.00am….:)

Next, in Russia, since the economic crisis of the European sanctions, the ruble fell, which allowed us to buy a lot of things with little money. For example, a pack of cigarettes worth Russian 68R (€ 1.20 ), before the workers’ paradise, now the consumer’s paradise!

Finally, I would thank Bigland never enough Open Your Russia for organizing this trip, and all my Spanish friends, French, German, Czech, Slovak for all the good times in Russia, my dream came true and with all happiness possible!   DSC_0340

Nice trip, Nice People and My Dream is Over. ERASMUS Adventure is Over.

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90 Days after !

90 ! There are more than 90 days, we were still in France, today we are still in our Seinajoki ERASMUS experience !

Since we arrived, we make beautiful meeting we went to Tallinn, we go to Lapland and finally we will finish in style with a trip to Russia, the mother country !

We can say that for now, we have not been disappointed !

Although the pace of the course is relatively lower than in our school in France, we learn and we are still happy to take interesting courses and cultivating in English!

Yet we do not forget our country and our city, live in ERASMUS is incredible, whether socially or professionnaly, being away from home is possible to put things in question, and especially to live otherwise, to stand out from his life.

 In addition, the fact of meeting people of different origin and culture is enriching and lets you know what is happening and how bright the other students in other countries.

For example, I was talking with a student Slovak about the difference between Finland, France and Slovakia.

For example, the minimum wage in Slovakia is € 600, € 1,300 in France and Finland, the average salary is 3000 .

It’s quite impressive to see how other people live students in Finland is already a country where the cost of living is quite high, add to this the fact of coming from a country where the minimum wage is low, it is a shock …

But despite these differences, ERASMUS is a way out of his country to live a real experience!

My advice: Take your chance and ERASMUS Go!