Pirate Cruise

As you already know we spent some time travelling around Finland and we also spent a week in Tallinn. But that not all, you know now that Francois went to Russia, however I did not join him there. Another opportunity has been presented to me; I had then chosen to not follow them in this trip (in Russia) though I have the opportunity earlier to make a cruise to Stockholm in Sweden.

This trip has been organized by ESN Finland.

What is ESN Finland? Well ESN Finland is a national student’s organization working towards international students and mobility.

First let’s speak about the time we spent on the boat. When we arrive on board the first thing we have done there was visiting the boat, it was pretty impressive. The commodore rooms were very luxurious. In the Boat there are many stores, bars, two clubs, a casino, there is also a swimming pool with Jacuzzi and Sauna.

Then during the day we decided to go on the deck in order to enjoy the sea air and the sun.IMGP1561

But most of the time spend on the boat was dedicated to party’s. I think you can imagine what can give a boat full of students (Some Amazing Party’s).

So what about Stockholm you will say!!! We spend one day visiting the city, a very nice one, I especially liked the old town.

Let‘s make a bit of history about Stockholm. The earliest written mention of Stockholm dates from 1252, the city has been founded by Berger Jarl to protect Sweden from sea invasions by foreign navies. At the beginning the city was only located in one little ice land, the one of the old town. But the city increased quite fast. Stockholm became the capital of Sweden in 1634, nowadays Stockholm is the political center of Sweden and also the city residence of the king.


The city of Stockholm is now the European capital of culture.

This trip was definitively the best that I did.IMGP1750

Now we will speak about another subject.  If you remember we were talking about floor ball and the team of Seinajoki, they are today once again champions of Finland. Also a word about Ice Hockey, yesterday the third game of the playoff opponent Oulu and Tampere has finished by the defeat of Tampere thus Oulu finished champion of Finland and Tampere is placed at the second.

That’s all I wanted to tell you today.

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