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Ice Hockey

A few days ago I was in Tampere in order to visit the city at the same time we have visited some museum there one of this museum was dedicated to the Ice Hockey which remind me that I didn’t make any article about Ice Hockey at all. Even though Ice hockey is one of the most important sport in Finland.

Moreover I was already in Tampere before to attend a hockey game in Hakametsä Stadium, this is the first ice hockey stadium of Finland (It was built for the ice hockey world championships in 1965. Five other world championships have been organized there) I was there to see the match between Tappara (Tampere, here in blue)160-160-1-8904_tappara and karpat (Oulu, here in white)160-160-1-karpat.


This game had been won by Tappara, actually Karpat is the first of the league and Tappara the second.

What about the game? Awesome atmosphere, a fan team for Tappara singing for the victory of their team.


A mascot walking around the stadium, cheerleaders dancing during the match and between each period there are possible to go to drink or get something to eat in different bar, or simply tour the shop that the stadium offers.

Thanks to Ice Hockey museum I could learn more about origin of Ice Hockey.

The history of ice hockey is quite complicated. Various ball games played with sticks have been played for thousands of years, and natural conditions have beckoned players to the ice. Ball and ice games from both Europe and America had an impact on the emergence of ice hockey. The game evolved into its modern form in the eastern provinces of Canada in the 19th century. Ice Hockey became one of the major sports in Finland in 1990 thanks to the success achieved in world class events.IMGP2114

At the beginning of 2009 Ice Hockey became the top sport in Finland, during this year according to the Finnish Ice Hockey Association, the number of licensed players was over 63.000 and there were 200.000 active players.

sportingly, see you soon.